C.C College Colors Pom Scarf - Green & Yellow
$ 12.99
  • SHOW YOUR SPIRIT: Get fired up and cheer your favorite team on to victory with this green and yellow (green and gold) winter scarf. Whether it’s for varsity, high school, college, fantasy or professional, this scarf is perfect for any sporting event. Great for football, basketball, baseball, hockey, tennis, softball, rugby, wrestling, lacrosse, marching band, dance, swim and more! Show your pride as a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior at a university, or as an avid fan!
  • WHO WEARS GREEN AND YELLOW: Wear this scarf as you cheer for college teams like the Baylor Bears, the University of Oregon Ducks, the College of William and Mary Tribe, the George Mason University Patriots, the Siena College Saints, the University of Alaska Anchorage Seawolves, and pro teams like the Green Bay Packers. If your college or pro team isn't listed here, let us know and we'll be sure to add it! If your high school sports these colors, wear them proud! Great for females of any age!
  • GOES GREAT WITH: Score major fashion points and be a cheerleader when you wear this women’s scarf. Great addition to a winter outfit when you’re watching Bowl Games in the snowy season, but light enough you can wear it in the breezy fall when you’re tailgating, being a soccer mom or watching little league. So fun, you can wear it with your nice winter coats and sweaters, or wear it with a spirited costume of shorts and a t-shirt of your mascot! Also great for March Madness!
  • GREAT QUALITY AND FIT: This spirited girls scarf kicks its competition with its super soft 100% acrylic and two color double pom design. Measures 80“ (plus two 5” poms) by 5.5” lying flat. With more options than an infinity scarf or tube scarf, wrap it, loop it, drape it—be your own referee and call the style play any way you want. Keeps your neck warmer than your average muff or shawl.
  • WHEN TO WEAR: No matter if you’re a yelling sports fanatic or just interested in the watch party food at halftime, this ladies scarf will keep you warm. Keep up your team’s honorary color tradition and wear this neck scarf on game day at the court, field or stadium, at homecoming, a school parade, pre-gaming, celebrating after a victory, or just visiting your campus with your alumni group. Great for a Lady Bears game or watching the Lady Ducks play the Oregon State Beavers!